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Stereoplasm: Butterflies are Free! Review

With the coming of winter, Stereoplasm has also re-released the Butterflies are Free ! collection, inspired by Dickensian aesthetics and stories. I initially purchased these during their original release from 2019, so I am still in possession of their older formulations and concentrations, so factors like throw and wear time have probably changed if you are purchasing directly from the website , or any other more recent formulas since 2019. I can also safely say that the new concentration is nifty and definitely has a longer wear and larger projection in general too!  For fun, I also tested some of these on another (reluctant) participant! (RP for short). Skin chemistry never fails to surprise me, and I had a lot of fun doing little comparisons for this review. I tend to amp sweetness in scents (which coincidentally, works in my gourmand loving favor).  Extra note: With the release of the new website, I noticed that it is now super easy to find notes that you might be interested in - t

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