Thursday, 25 April 2013

New York Haul!

Finally- reaching a Sephora! I was overwhelmed by the whole thing, but I was most impressed by the nail bar. (Explains why all of the pictures are related to nails) This was my short lived trip there, and what I got. I also passed by an Inglot and had an amazing time there. Pictures below.

I have never seen such an impressive nail polish stand in my life... Was astounded, one at how much there was, two at how cheap it was in comparison.

 A nail bar! The possibilities are endless, and all of them beautiful.
 More nail polish- all gorgeous and color coded.
 And a sneaky picture of the Sephora palette I desperately lusted over but never got.
 Bought things for friends!
 It is indeed perfect. Massively overpriced (in my opinion) but I love the finish that it gives. Don't worry though, there's a cheap version of this in Korea- review coming later!

AND MY INGLOT HAUL- actually buying for a friend
Her requirements: a shimmery neutral palette. A lot of the colors I initially picked were out of stock (which was saddening, since I'd travelled so far for that) but in the end, the SA was really helpful and helped me pick out similar colors and so I color coded the palette and slotted in the eyeshadows myself. Job well done!

 Little refills, a frost finish lilac and a shimmery peach.
I had a lovely time shopping there, and I got a lot more things.... 
Reviews shall come.. I promise.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Some pictures of my haul in Japan- eyeliners and falsies. I really recommend the Dollywink lashes, they're amazing! Very cute, and very user-friendly, and made for multiple uses as well.

Love these! If you want doll eyes, this is the one to go to.

 The bottom lashes are adorable as well.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Victorian Days

Sorry for the complete inactivity :(
Have been very busy with school,  but here are some pictures my friend took for me on our free dress day at school, and I did simple Victorian-esque make up to go with the rest of my dress.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


So I know I've done a video on foundation but here comes personal opinion/review time..
Foundation is one of the hardest things to get. Although there may be eyeshadows that don't look good on you, if they're just a 'few shades off', it's not too noticeable. But one of the biggest mistakes one can make, is to have a foundation that doesn't match their shade (when trying to look natural) and especially their neck..
Generally, you'd want to look like you have no foundation on. 

I personally don't like the MAC foundation very much. 
I got the NC20. I had asked the SA to match my skin tone and she suggested the NC20. I wasn't quite sure, but being quite new to foundations, I went along with it. After using it for a while, I realized it didn't photograph that well and wasn't very consistent with my skin tone. I personally don't like the shade because it is extremely yellow on me, and I already have quite 'yellow' toned skin, because of the Asian heritage and all. 
I'm also not a huge fan of it because it has a dewy finish, and when applying with almost anything, is a streaky mess and although I prefer light coverage, really doesn't look that great. Also makes my skin feel extremely sticky when just worn alone. 

For Max Factor's Weightless Foundation, 

This time, I was a little smarter and actually tried out the foundation in a well lit environment, covered at least half of my face with it and judged for myself if I liked the finish.
(I did.)
I really like it, not just because the tone actually matches my face, color wise, and isn't too yellow.
Rt has a nice matte finish and blends very well. It has medium coverage, and looks wonderful when applied. Also isn't streaky.
(It's a bit dark on my arm, but my face is a little darker than my arm... please excuse the blotchy arm)
The only gripe I have is the wear time of the foundation, because it's quite creamy in consistency, so it will probably fade away in around 4 hours tops.
It doesn't really bother me, and it's all up to you.


Saturday, 1 September 2012


Hectic things recently, so updates have been slow.
I'm so so sorry for the lack of videos, but I hope this will fill up the time while I'm gone.
I did a Corpse Bride inspired look. I wasn't fully happy with how it turned out, but I was happy how the all around effect didn't look too bad. Maybe I can do this for a dress up day? :)

The crazy colorful rainbow. Done with Kryolan and topped off with classic black liner.

A mismatch of looks, a fall/autumn look on one side and a colorful decoration on the other :D the color was gorgeous, so I wanted to do a eye look that complimented it, but I didn't want to get rid of the other eye which is..

Blurred because you can see the shape of the face.
Using the 120 color palette and (finally!) NYX's jumbo eye shadow pencil in milk, with the dolly wink liquid liner. It was cute and very spontaneous. 

Getting really wild with NYX's milk and using the 120 color palette again and creating the aurora on my face.
it was very fun and I hope that next time, I'll get it even more detailed and better.. looking x)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Ego // Inspired Eye Make up Tutorial

I created this look when I was on holidays, and it was a very easy, simple, convenient look. All the products are easy to carry and bring along, and it's minimal but very pretty.  

All the pictures below are unedited.
Products used: 
Naked 2 Palette- Foxy, Suspect, YDK, Busted, Blackout
Benefit Stay don't Stray Primer/Concealer
Dollywink liquid liner (any liquid liner will be fine. I recommend MUFE's liquid liner in 15 for travel, it is waterproof, matte and smudge-proof)
Bad Gal Lash from Benefit (any mascara is also great, I recommend Heroine Make's impact frame and curl mascara for travel, it's waterproof, lengthening and budge proof.)

I've also chosen to do all new looks and name them after songs that connect to the look, so feel free to express your thoughts on it :)
The video is linked down below- enjoy~

Friday, 1 June 2012

Visual Design Photoshoot

I was lucky enough to be able to get Alice in again to take some pictures with me. This is actually for a magazine lay out for an assignment we have to do, and I chose to do make up :D 
I did a vintage make up look, which really compliments Alice and also experimented with editing the pictures (curves/color filters) a bit.
She took pictures of me as well, which are after hers. I used some cooler filters on the first two and I wanted to warm up the last one even though it's currently autumn/winter, because you could always use a little bit of warmth in those times.

I hope you liked it :D and you guys have a lovely weekend.