Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Giveaway Information~ (CLOSED)

So just to lay down the rules, pretty much, it's simple.
There are 4 colored pairs, the purple/Pierrot's Doll, the pink/SyuriSyndrome, the green/KyriaDWP and an orange (eclairbook) and these gifts were created with these amazing girls in mind :)
If you want any of these prizes, first you must follow
my blog: (http://yuzusvanity.blogspot.com/)
my channel: (http://www.youtube.com/user/pyssage
You must be following
-Pierrot's Doll (http://pierrotsdoll.tumblr.com/). (And if you don't have a Tumblr, you can subscribe to her Youtube)
You should also be subscribed to
-Kyria (http://www.youtube.com/user/KyriaDWP)
-Eclairbook (http://www.youtube.com/user/eclairbook)
-SyuriSyndrome (http://www.youtube.com/user/syurisyndrome)
and tell them that Yuzu sent you.
(if any of them are reading this, yeah you can enter too xD)

This is an international giveaway, and it's going to start today (Wednesday, 18th January 2012) and end on March 25th 2012 (Australian time).
The winner will be announced on March 25th, 2012, and hopefully the package will be sent by April 7th, 2012.
But four months is a hefty long time, so by then, hopefully everyone will have had a chance to go and subscribe and follow.

The winner can pick: 

  • 1 set and will also be given a choice of one from each picture (Sasa dual lip gloss, Benefit Life on the A list lip gloss, Palgantong lip stain  x2) (Blackjack nail polish, The Face Shop nail polish, TCF nail polish)


  • 2 sets


  • 1 set, and 1 from below (Clinque Strawberry Fudge duo, Pinky duo, Missha duo, Inglot #379)

And to confirm your entry, please comment down below, describing what you'd like to win (as that will be what I will use to send to you), and what usernames you've followed and subscribed with. If you wish not to show your names publicly, you can send them to pyssage@gmail.com.

Good luck to everyone!!

(All further information will be updated here)
When the winner is chosen, please send physical mailing address to pyssage@gmail.com, and if winner does not reply within 48 hours, a new one will be chosen.

Terms and Conditions
1. You must have subscribed to my youtube channel (Pyssage)
2. You must follow my blog (yuzusvanity.blogspot.com)
3. You must comment with your contact details, with your Youtube, Tumblr and Blogger ID.
4. If any these are not fulfilled, you are not eligible for any prizes.
5. Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice, and all final decisions will be made by the owner of this blog/Yuzu.
6.If you unsubscribe or unfollow after this giveaway, you will be ineligible for future giveaways.

Upcoming Giveaway...

Colored/themed giveaway~
More info coming soon~!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Neutral Eye.. featuring Teal.

For this look, I decided to ramp things up and just go ahead and do what I do, two different looks... but they turned out to be the same.
Using the Sustainable Palette and the Ammo Palette (both from Urban Decay), I managed to create similar looks.
Commenting on both, Uzi is definitely not the best highlighter shade, but regardless, it's a white shade. if you have a substitute, I highly suggest the one with less glitter fall out. 
As an overall thing, I think the Sustainable palette variation works better on warmer skin tones, as the bronze/gold undertones work better, where as the very cool tone of Sin works a lot better. 
It's not a very obvious difference but it does have subtle differences. 
Concerning the different colors for the lower lash line, appearances are deceptive. 

Shattered actually has a very strong green duochrome, and Flipside is actually more blue than it is green. It does have a greenish tinge, but Shattered actually is greener than in the pan, so Flipside is definitely the better substitute color. 

Both together (Ammo - Right, Sustainable - Left)

Sustainable Palette

Ammo Palette

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Swatch Pictures

Deborah Lippmann's Waking up in Vegas
-So opaque, which I love. It's like wall paint, and it's a gorgeous color.
Butter London's Lady Muck
-Great formula and a really pretty color.

-China Glaze's Lorelei's Tiara. Silver, blue and glittery. 

-Baviphat. No idea about the name but a very pretty metallic purple/bronze.

Hope you like the swatches!

NARS' Cactus Flower

Just a swatch and some pictures of NARS' cactus flower.
It's a beautiful cream blush, which works amazingly well, formula wise, and color wise. The gold shimmer in it isnt as fine as it appears in the product itself, and the glitter shows itself rather weird looking all over my cheeks (I applied the blush with my fingers then buffed it out with a stippling brush) but didn't budge too much until a few hours later (which is good for me), but other than that, I really like the color and how pigmented it is.
Swatch. The glitter here isn't that fine. 


No flash, there are some super fine shimmers, and some not as fine.

Flash- you can see the specks of glitter. 
No flash, but the color leaves a lovely flushed look.

In conclusion, it's a really nice color, and although the price is quite hefty (as it is a high end brand) the color and formula is very nice. The glitter does annoy me a little, but it's a matter of if you really like the glitter, as it isn't extreme fall out or anything. 

MAC's Ombre Blushes Review

During the holidays, I managed to get myself MAC's new ombre blushes from the Daphne Guiness collection, in Vintage Grape and Azalea Blossom.

It came in original packaging, but compared to MAC's usual blushes, this contains 9grams of product, compared to MAC's usual 6g. It is also, more expensive. A blush is usually $18.50 USD, but the price is raised to $26USD.
After using and swatching it, unless you really want these blushes for how amazingly pretty they look, the actual product itself isn't such a great product.
I'm a NC20, and Azalea Blossom (the lighter pink one) really doesn't show on my skin unless I heap on the color, but otherwise, it's a really hard color to actually get to show up, and when I do, it ends up looking way too powdery and pink. It does end up giving me a flushed look, but to get the color to show is a bit difficult.
Vintage Grape I actually liked a lot better, because the bottom/darker shade actually leans a little burgundy, and looks really good. I really needed to swirl my blush brush into the actual product to get it on, but around one sweep, my cheeks look flushed and it gives a very natural pretty look.
My conclusion, it's a nice product, but you really a heavy hand for this to really work. It's not really worth the price (even though you do get more product, so depends what you like) and it is a repromote and it's an interesting product, so if you like to collect, it's worth getting. However, if you need to save some money, you're better off finding a product that works for you, and maybe to find something among the permanent line.

Pastel Blue Nail Combo

Using Essie's borrowed and blue as the base color, and two coats of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air, has proven itself to be an amazing pastel blue marshmallow-ee goodness in my heart.

Personally, Glitter in the Air by itself has been a really pretty shade, I prefer not having to put on a million coats to get the color to show, and Borrowed and Blue is a really pigmented pastel blue. Personally, I've been thinking about jelly-ing out borrowed and blue, and mixing the two, and then putting on a coat of Glitter in the Air, since a pigmented base will cover up the sparse glitter.
But for now, this is exactly how I'm going to wear it.
.. The glitter is wayyy too pretty!
Sorry for being away for so long!