Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wish List

This is my wish list, things I'd love to be able to get. The main factor for why I can't get these is usually because of location (Australia tends to be a bit more undercover in how we source make up.)
Just an update to promise you I'm not dead. 

  • A glass file 
  • Anything from Sugarpill (as an original brand by a blogger, all the products have been just amazing, and I'd love to be able to try anything from them.)
  • MILK JUMBO EYESHADOW PENCIL FROM NYX. (A white base to make all your eyeshadows stand out)
  • Anything from Illamasqua. ((Although I’ve gotten some things, what I’d give to be sponsored by them..All their products have been amazing so far and I have nothing but positive feedback on the products I have so far.))
  • OCC lip tar collection. ((I'd love to start a bit of a collection on it!))
  • Tokyo Milk lip balms/elixirs ((They look so nice, with such unique scents. I saw them off Scrangie, and I'd love to get one.))