Saturday, 24 March 2012

Too Faced Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Swatch and Review

After receiving the Too Faced Sweet Dreams palette as a gift, I was all too excited to go ahead and swatch and review this for you guys :D I'm sorry it isn't the best lighting, but the swatches were taken with flash, and are the most color accurate with the white light.
This is only focused on the eyeshadows, not the whole palette itself.
(top to bottom, Lovey Dovey, Teddy Bear, Copper Peony, Peach Fuzz, In The Buff)
Lovey Dovey- shimmery brown. A little gritty to the touch, but very nice pigmentation. 
Teddy Bear- a matte cool tone brown. Soft texture but a bit dry. 
Copper Peony- Sheer copper. Metallic. Very creamy texture (verses the other shimmery shades) and good pigmentation.
Peach fuzz- shimmery cream white with pink undertones. Horrible glitter fall out and lack of pigmentation, but nice texture.
In The Buff- matte white. Creamy texture and decent pigmentation. Makes a very nice highlight color.

 (top to bottom) Smolder, Nice Ash, Party Girl, Cut the Cake, Satin Sheets.
Smolder- Matte blackened navy. Misleadingly lighter in the pan, and has a creamy texture but drier payoff (as you can probably tell by the swatch). Decent pigmentation. 
Nice Ash- Shimmery grey with hints of blue. Also misleadingly lighter in the pan. Has a creamy texture and good payoff and pigmentation.
Party Girl- Metallic violet. Gritty to touch and quite crumbly. Decent payoff and pigmentation but has fall out issues as well.
Cut the Cake- Shimmery light lavender. Really creamy texture and nice payoff and pigmentation. 
Satin Sheets- 'Golden pink'. I have a personal hatred against this color, because of it's misleading color (pink in the pan) but unbelievably metallic and gold on the eyes. Creamy texture.

 (top to bottom) First Dance, Cop a Teal, Nice Stems, Label Whore, Honeymoon
First Dance- Matte blackened purple. Dry texture and dry payoff. Decent pigmentation.
Cop a Teal- Metallic blue with green undertones. Creamy texture and good pigmentation.
Nice Stems- Metallic bright spring green. Slightly crumbly and gritty but good payoff and pigmentation.
Label Whore- Sienna base with green blue shimmer with blue duochrome. Close to MAC's Club eyeshadow, but with better pigmentation, payoff and color, although I like both :D slight grittiness in texture but nice pigmentation.
Honeymoon- Metallic silver green. Nice texture and pigmentation.

Overall thoughts:
Although some of the colors are annoyingly misleading in the pan v.s. in use, most of the colors are quite wearable and useable. Although someone who has an extensive collection may not need this, it is nice for someone who may be just starting out with high end make up. It has a good variety of neutrals and colors, and a range of finishes (matte, shimmer and metallics), and a quick look can be easily done with this palette. Overall, consistency of texture and pigmentation is stable, besides the exception of Peach Fuzz (which I personally cannot stand) but some people may like the sheerness of the color. In terms of trouble, the only ones that give me trouble as the ones with fall out, which is Party Girl and Peach Fuzz.
Prior to this palette, I already had In The Buff, Satin Sheets, Cut the Cake, Honeymoon and First Dance from other palettes. The quality is the same. 
To me, the eyeshadows are good, and not too dupeable, so they're worth getting if you don't repeats or if you don't already have a whole stash of shadows somewhere.
 Or if you prefer grades: B+

Friday, 23 March 2012

Art-Landscape Eyes

In art, we were doing a topic on Landscapes, and typical me, tries to convert everything to something related to make up. In this, I painted the same scene but with make up instead of paint. Quite a challenge to get everything just right, especially with the copious amounts of green used in it. I won't lie, I was inspired by Katie Alves ( so you can go check that out if you were wondering about the random burst of creativity xP
Forgot to bring my nice camera back home, so no tutorials, and the upcoming exams will delay them even more. D:
Not sure when I'll be free, but I hope this is cool enough to last a while xD

(I reversed it D:)

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Poison Dreamland

Here's a few pictures of this look that I did.
I colored in my brows with purple and blue, and used pink and blue, then added the purples slightly above the crease. I used the darker one outside, and the lighter lavender shade on the brows and on the inner slightly above crease areas. I used Imaginary paint pot as a liner and Inglot 39 liquid liner (the sparkly blue) on the lower lashline, and used some of 27 as a highlighter. I used Inglot 72 (pink liner) with a cotton bud to dot the pink designs on my face, and used the same pink as blush, while using the lavender purple to contour again.
It's pretty straight forward, but takes a lot of time to get it exactly 'perfect'.
I also used OCC lip tar in anime for the lips and high def cyan as a lip liner.

I also put in one green contact for the fun of it xP