Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pastel Blue Nail Combo

Using Essie's borrowed and blue as the base color, and two coats of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air, has proven itself to be an amazing pastel blue marshmallow-ee goodness in my heart.

Personally, Glitter in the Air by itself has been a really pretty shade, I prefer not having to put on a million coats to get the color to show, and Borrowed and Blue is a really pigmented pastel blue. Personally, I've been thinking about jelly-ing out borrowed and blue, and mixing the two, and then putting on a coat of Glitter in the Air, since a pigmented base will cover up the sparse glitter.
But for now, this is exactly how I'm going to wear it.
.. The glitter is wayyy too pretty!
Sorry for being away for so long!


  1. D: where do you bought this T-T why I cant cute make up and nail polish where i live?

    1. I found a store in Hong Kong for it! If you have access to paypal and can buy things online, it's pretty easy. If you have access to Revlon polishes, Whimsical is a spot on dupe for Glitter in the Air! Any baby blue will do as well, and drugstore polishes are quite pretty!
      It really depends where you live though xP