Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Giveaway: Winner!

Congratulations to Aridel for winning!
And thank you to everyone who entered ^^
If there are further giveaways, you guys will be the first to know :)

Besides that, I will be on holidays and won't be able to update for around two weeks.
I hope there won't be too much drama (although I really should be updating this)
But besides that, I believe I will be buying some MAC, China Glaze and maybe some Kryolan... So stay tuned for that :)

Here's some quick updates:
Dubbed the Pyssage Classic Smoky Eye. Or for the short version, Yuzism. xD
It's a classic smoky eye, using Half Wild and Imaginary paint pot from MAC and water lining.

I also was lucky enough to go to art camp these few days, and this is my (non finished) painting, which I'm hoping to translate into another look later.

So again, thank you all for entering and please congratulate Aridel :)

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