Saturday, 3 March 2012

Poison Dreamland

Here's a few pictures of this look that I did.
I colored in my brows with purple and blue, and used pink and blue, then added the purples slightly above the crease. I used the darker one outside, and the lighter lavender shade on the brows and on the inner slightly above crease areas. I used Imaginary paint pot as a liner and Inglot 39 liquid liner (the sparkly blue) on the lower lashline, and used some of 27 as a highlighter. I used Inglot 72 (pink liner) with a cotton bud to dot the pink designs on my face, and used the same pink as blush, while using the lavender purple to contour again.
It's pretty straight forward, but takes a lot of time to get it exactly 'perfect'.
I also used OCC lip tar in anime for the lips and high def cyan as a lip liner.

I also put in one green contact for the fun of it xP

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