Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fun Looks

First I had some fun toying around with a fun 'pin up' classic make up look. It's just really easy, contouring on the eyes and dark red lips with a natural blush. 

I experimented a bit of doting and creative eyeliner (one of my favourite things to do xP) and came up with this look on top of the pin up look I already did.
I also love the spidery lashes I have (thanks to MUFE's aqua smokey lash!)

And I did a review on Illamasqua's cream pigments!
Check it out here (for some reason, Youtube won't let me get my own videos in, so here's a link :D )

But for a quick high light on the product, pretty much its not a completely useless eye product. 
It's got very nice colors, and works because it's pigmented and very creamy, however, if you use it as an eye product without setting, it becomes a creamy mess. If set with powder or used as a color base, its okay. Over a primer without setting, it still creases. 
As a cheek product, since I own Dab(pale lilac) and Bedaub (pastel mint) it isn't the best color, but I believe that other more natural earthy colors would work alright.
As a lip product, it tends to settle into my lip lines, and gives a drying feeling, so it's not my ideal shade as well. 
The product is nice, and they have a nice color range, but for $44 AUD I'm not especially happy with the product. I'll ranked it a D because of the staying power, as it claims to be 'crease-resistant' and because of the high price. 

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