Monday, 16 January 2012

Neutral Eye.. featuring Teal.

For this look, I decided to ramp things up and just go ahead and do what I do, two different looks... but they turned out to be the same.
Using the Sustainable Palette and the Ammo Palette (both from Urban Decay), I managed to create similar looks.
Commenting on both, Uzi is definitely not the best highlighter shade, but regardless, it's a white shade. if you have a substitute, I highly suggest the one with less glitter fall out. 
As an overall thing, I think the Sustainable palette variation works better on warmer skin tones, as the bronze/gold undertones work better, where as the very cool tone of Sin works a lot better. 
It's not a very obvious difference but it does have subtle differences. 
Concerning the different colors for the lower lash line, appearances are deceptive. 

Shattered actually has a very strong green duochrome, and Flipside is actually more blue than it is green. It does have a greenish tinge, but Shattered actually is greener than in the pan, so Flipside is definitely the better substitute color. 

Both together (Ammo - Right, Sustainable - Left)

Sustainable Palette

Ammo Palette

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