Saturday, 14 January 2012

MAC's Ombre Blushes Review

During the holidays, I managed to get myself MAC's new ombre blushes from the Daphne Guiness collection, in Vintage Grape and Azalea Blossom.

It came in original packaging, but compared to MAC's usual blushes, this contains 9grams of product, compared to MAC's usual 6g. It is also, more expensive. A blush is usually $18.50 USD, but the price is raised to $26USD.
After using and swatching it, unless you really want these blushes for how amazingly pretty they look, the actual product itself isn't such a great product.
I'm a NC20, and Azalea Blossom (the lighter pink one) really doesn't show on my skin unless I heap on the color, but otherwise, it's a really hard color to actually get to show up, and when I do, it ends up looking way too powdery and pink. It does end up giving me a flushed look, but to get the color to show is a bit difficult.
Vintage Grape I actually liked a lot better, because the bottom/darker shade actually leans a little burgundy, and looks really good. I really needed to swirl my blush brush into the actual product to get it on, but around one sweep, my cheeks look flushed and it gives a very natural pretty look.
My conclusion, it's a nice product, but you really a heavy hand for this to really work. It's not really worth the price (even though you do get more product, so depends what you like) and it is a repromote and it's an interesting product, so if you like to collect, it's worth getting. However, if you need to save some money, you're better off finding a product that works for you, and maybe to find something among the permanent line.

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