Saturday, 15 October 2011


Managed to take a picture with Pursebuzz :D ((yeah I know. I look so bad its not funny))

IMATS 2011 had been a pretty fun experience. After waking up at. around 9, I dragged myself to the city/darling habour, without any make up, being the tired grumpy anti-morning person I am :D
I had a pretty good time, walking around and swatching like a maniac, and sitting in on the Pursebuzz talk (sadly, I wasn't one of the lucky ones who got to get a free pigment jar) but being early, there weren't a LOT of people around yet. Nor was the body painting thing really going on. 
I managed to find OCC lip tars. But having to wait 5 hours until everyone's cleared away from the liptars and having to dish out $13 for one after spending all your money on other things hurts a little. 
Thus I only managed to get one.
It .. took me so long to get to the counter. 
Let's not even get started on Inglot. The whole place was crowded, and the whole process took me around 2 hours. Also, being a regular customer of Inglot, nothing really stood out to me (besides the new release of the rainbow freedom system colors), but there was a discount.. of which I forgot. 
Most of the other stores were pretty crowded, except for a select few (photography and some special effects stalls) 
But moving on...
So, what I got. (Prices listed if I remember.)
Crown Brushes-
Nail Art Brush set- 11 brushes for $10 AUD.
Brush cleanser
Small smudger brush (natrual hair)
Angled liner brush (synthetic)
Cream blush in 10/Geranium
Mixing liquid
Freedom System Shadows in 
318 -matte white
318- dusty muted matte rose pink 
379- very blue based matte purple (silly Yuzu got a duplicate.)
478- double sparkle cinderella/baby blue
395- pearl finish, shimmery light gold
387- matte dark cement grey
501- double sparkle beige based grey
371- matte sky blue 
402- pearl brown based taupe
422- pearl darker brown based taupe
107R- rainbow brown, a light brown, a medium tree brown and a dark bark colored brown
115R- rainbow purple, light purple, darkish lavender purple and dark grape, almost vampy purple.
((The feel of the rainbow eyeshadows overall had a drier stiffer texture than most of the single eyeshadows))
Ben Nye-
Two sample sheer foundations in beige natural 3 and bella 003
Sheer foundation palette
Creme eyeshadow palette
Lip tar in anime

And that's it I think xD

Overall, it was. Amazing. First time being able to go to a make up convention after all, and it's one that was pretty cool. I'll definitely be going next year too :) 

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