Saturday, 29 October 2011

Apollo: Mythology Series

Apollo was the god of a lot of things, but something he's popular for is being the god of the sun, and his sister Artemis, the god of the moon. So I've choosen to go with the sun/burnt kinda theme for this look and I hope you'll enjoy it :D
So I've compiled my Apollo: Greek mythology tutorial for you guys, and here are some pictures to go along with it :)
First I used my Ben Nye cream shadow palette as a base.
I then used tangerine(the orange) and indian copper (the shimmery brown.) ((Blogspot won't let me rotate it!))
I used indian copper on the outer half of my upper lid, and I blended it with a finger up to my eye socket, and I used tangerine in the inner half of the lid and on the area where the lower lash line is. 
(please ignore the little mistake near my eyebrows!)

Then, using Ice (white cream shadow) as a under the brow highlighter and a tear duct highlighter. I again, used my fingers. (Remember to blend!)

Then, using a matte orange, I applied it onto the inner half of my lids, and a shimmery gold onto the outer half of my lids. (These eyeshadows don't have name, but they are a 'freedom system' like palette I bought from HK) I used a large round dome brush, to ease the colors in, and to not create harsh edges. 
Blend away :) 
 Then, using my 180 color palette, I used a shimmery bronze/brown color around where the lower lash line is.
I'm indicating both because you can use both, but it depends what sort of look you like.
I used a small smudger brush for this step.

As finishing touches, I used MUFE's black aqua liner and Heroine Make's impact and frame and curl mascara. I lined as close to my lash line as possible and winged it out for a more dramatic effect. For the lashes, you may use false lashes if you prefer. 

And to finish up the look, I used a MAC sheertone blush in pinch o' peach on my cheeks and used inglot's 37 lip duo (the clear one) as a lip color. It gives a clear but shimmery covering for my lips, and it's quite moisturizing as well, which is a plus.
(You can see my roommate if you look closely xD)

And there :) Finished!
I hope you enjoyed it and that you'll like it too :)
And for the collaboration, here's Eclairbook's :

(No I'm not sponsored by anything. )

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